Salvaging : Re-vising old Poems A Workshop with Daphne Marlatt

02 December 2012

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“Salvaging” : Re-vising old Poems
A Workshop with Daphne Marlatt

02 December 2012
Noon – 4pm
Location: 401 Richmond Street West, Studio 408

** Sorry, this workshop is now full. **

Toronto New School of Writing is pleased to host this workshop with poet Daphne Marlatt.

“Salvaging”: that process of looking at old work that has washed up on your current desktop and finding in it something worth salvaging, despite lines or whole passages that to your present eye/ear don’t work.

How can we renew the original impetus of a poem so that any salvage operation is not merely a patch-up job? What can be read in the poem now that was unreadable earlier? If the poem’s approach is changed can any parts of it still speak? And do they say something different now?

Some recent salvaging operations with a few of my own 40-year old poems gave me a sense of how to go about this using a combination of approaches: rhythmic, melodic, semantic. Play seems to be an indispensable aspect. So bring one or two old poems you’ve given up on, and let’s see how we can open them up with a series of small experiments.

This workshop is not for writers who are “first thought/best thought” writers but is for writers who want to re-vise, re-think, re-imagine.

This Workshop is limited to 12 students.

** Sorry, this workshop is now full. **

West Coast poet Daphne Marlatt has been writing and publishing for four decades. Her titles include Vancouver Poems, Steveston, Touch to my Tongue, This Tremor Love Is and the novels Ana Historic and Taken. Her recent novelistic long poem The Given received the 2009 Dorothy Livesay Award. Also in 2009, Talonbooks released her international award-winning contemporary noh play, The Gull, with photographs from the 2006 Pangaea Arts production. In 2011, the chamber opera “Shadow Catch,” for which she wrote the libretto, was produced by Pro Musica at The Firehall Centre for the Arts in Vancouver. From 2010 to 2012 she served as Associate Director for the Banff Centre’s Writing Studio. She was recently awarded the George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award (2012). Talonbooks will be releasing a double series of her poems about the city, Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now in 2013.

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