More or Less Specific: Incorporating detail and emotion into your writing

(24 June 2012)

Posted in Alison Delory, Past Workshops

Instructor: Alison Delory

When: 24 June 2012 (Sunday) 1 – 5 PM

Location: Nalandabodhi Toronto, 174 Spadina Suite 506

Description, insight and reasons. These are the details that, along with emotion, enrich your writing and resonate with your readers. Yet many writers struggle with how to weave them into their stories.

In this workshop, journalist and author Alison DeLory will encourage you to write freely and joyfully. To write with all your senses, and to focus on something—an object, a smell, an experience—and describe it in rich detail, painting a picture with your words. Using anecdotes and metaphors (while avoiding clichés like the plague), you’ll learn how to tell a story that your readers will remember.

Inspired by writing prompts and the physical environment inside and directly outside the Toronto New School of Writing, you will begin (and possibly complete) several short pieces of writing over the course of the day.


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