Victor Coleman

Victor Coleman was born in Toronto. After a short stint working at Oxford University Press (a virtual apprenticeship in book design and the business of publishing), he jumped ship to become linotype operator for The Coach House Printing Co. and Coach House Press editor in chief (from 1966-1975). Before the unions made it impossible for practising writers with no degrees to do so, he taught CanLit and Creative Writing for the Toronto District School Board and at York and Queens Universities. He has received grants from the Canada Council, the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council, and in 2001 was given the Harbourfront International Writers’ Festival Prize. In 1996, when the Coach House Press had been run into the ground by various committees, he and Stan Bevington started up Coach House Books, the world’s first simultaneous print and online publishing venture. His most recent books are ICON TACT and MAL ARME, both from BookThug, who will release his next one, The Occasional Troubadour, in the Fall.

Courses taught by Victor at TNSoW: