Martha Baillie

Martha Baillie is the author of four novels. Her most recent, The Incident Report (Pedlar Press), is comprised of 144 fragments and set in an inner city library, home to the mad and the marginalized. It was longlisted for the 2009 Giller Prize, and selected by the Globe and Mail for its list of 100 Best Books of 2009. Her previous novel, The Shape I Gave You (Knopf), was named a Bestseller by Macleans’ magazine. She has been published in Germany and Hungary. Extended exposure to conceptual art has occasionally compelled Martha to roll cigarettes from the pages of her novels, to drill and extract core samples from her manuscripts, and to apply acupuncture needles to her prose, in the hope of improving narrative flow. She has written and lectured on the haptic art of Iris Hauessler, and has been guest speaker at the Toronto School of Art.