Lisa Robertson

Poet, essayist and translator Lisa Robertson began publishing in the early 90s in Vancouver in the artist-run centre community, writing texts for visual artists, a practice she continues. Her books include Debbie: An Epic, The Weather, The Men, R’s Boat, Lisa Roberson’s Magenta Soul Whip, and the new long poem Cinema of the Present (Cinéma du present), which was translated by Pascal Poyet, and published in France by Théatre Typographique. She has two collections of essays, Nilling, and Occasional Works and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture, and with Matthew Stadler she co-edited and annotated Revolution: A Reader, a 1200 page proposition about being and resistance. She has worked as a visiting writer and teacher in various institutions in Canada, the US, France, the Netherlands, and the UK; in 2014 she was Bain Swigget visiting Lecturer in Poetry at Princeton University. She lives in the Vienne region of France.