Core Sample 2 : installation art and the novel

(Jan 18 - Feb 15, 2012)

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Instructor: Martha Baillie

Duration: (5 weeks, 10 hours) 18 January – 15 February, Wednesdays 6-8PM

Location: Nalandabodhi Toronto, 174 Spadina Suite 506

“A core sample is a cylindrical section of a (usually) naturally-occuring substance consistent enough to hold a layered structure.”

“Honest speech is a relief not a discovery.” (Louise Glück)

In this course, following from the groundwork set in Core Sample 1, we will further explore the novel as core sample. New participants are welcome. Works by such contemporary visual artists as Rachel Whiteread, Flavio Trevisan, Betty Goodwin and others will serve as starting points to discuss possible approaches to writing fiction. We will consider issues of voice, non-linear narrative, and how to avoid sacrificing emotional engagement when experimenting with form and structure. Participants will be given gestural, in-class writing exercises (often involving a physical object as structural reference) and the opportunity to bring in excerpts from ongoing work. The writer’s task of transforming the actual into the true and the importance of distinguishing truth from honesty or sincerity will be examined. We will read brief texts by such authors and artists as John Banville, Christian Boltanski, Italo Calvino, J.M. Coetzee and Chris Marker. The course will last five weeks and each session will be two hours in length.


Price: $160.00

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