Broken Form: Refracting the Real in Hybrid Writing A Workshop with Cara Benson

(April 20, 2013)

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Saturday 20 April 2013, 1-4pm
Location: 401 Richmond Street West, Studio 408

“If we catch only a little of our subject, or only badly, clumsily, incoherently, perhaps we have not destroyed it. We have written about it, written it and allowed it to live on at the same time….”
– Lydia Davis, “Form as Response to Doubt”

Attempts to represent a seamless reality through writing in order to convey something like meaning are not what this workshop is capable of fostering. We will glimpse, strike, utter, polyequivocate. Multiple approaches in language to form an incomplete whole are what we are after. Think assemblage, bricolage – yes. But not solely. There may well be through-line that speaks through voices, scene, poem, paragraph. Or the subject itself is shattered. Bring current writing projects or generate origins.

Participants will:

  • Be challenged to break out of the forms in which they currently write.
  • Complete exercises for re-visioning both structure and content.
  • Learn to expand the scope of what a writing project can include.
  • Reconsider important aspects of text such as voice, scale, context, and genre.


Price: $90.00


Cara Benson is the author of the prose poetry book, (made), of which the Huffington Post writes: “Benson does more with the two-word sentence than many poets do in two stanzas or even two poems, largely because it would be difficult to find even a single wasted word….Very highly recommend.” Other writing has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Review, and Best American Poetry. Her second book “Funny. Considering how heated it was.” is forthcoming. Benson is recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Poetry and author of the chapbooks Cara Benson and Quantum Chaos and Poems: A Manifest(o)ation, which won the bpNichol Chapbook Award.

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