Advanced Prose Writing Workshop Facilitated by André Alexis

(April 17 - June 5, 2013)

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8 Weeks, 17 April – 5 June 2013
Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 PM (24 hours)
Location: 192 Spadina Avenue

Limited to 12 Students.

A master class with one of Canada’s great literary writers.

  • Learn new ways to think about the act of creative writing and narrative.
  • Discover modes of creation that will broaden the range of your style.
  • Learn new ways of reading literature that will help to improve your writing.
  • Complete a number of writing assignments that will be discussed in a group with Mr Alexis.
  • Add layers of complexities to your existing writing practice.

This course, which is a lecture and assignment course, is centred around the idea of experimentation in writing and will help students to discover new approaches to writing. Each week, Mr Alexis will give a one hour (roughly) lecture. This will be followed by a look at assignments the participants have done over the week. The writing assignments are meant to be odd, difficult and, ultimately, to allow the writer to gain a new perspective on the act, both intellectual and aesthetic, of writing. (The participants will, for instance, be asked to write an “N + 7″, as well as a story that uses abstract poetic structures (sonnets, villanelles, sestinas, etc), and will be prompted to compose experiments in voice, characterization, and narrative.) The course will be of most benefit to those who have been writing for some time, who have, say, taken courses in creative writing, who are at the point where they need to be pushed in a different direction than the one they’re on or to gain a clearer perspective on what they have been doing. It is a course designed for writers of prose fiction – or prose in general – but a knowledge of poetry and poetic conventions would be very helpful.


Price: $649.00


André Alexis is the author of two novels (Childhood and Asylum), two books of short stories (Despair and Other Stories of Ottawa and Beauty and Sadness), a children’s book (Ingrid and the Wolf) and a number of plays (Lambton Kent, Name in Vain, Fidelity). He was a contributing book reviewer for the Globe and Mail. And he has worked extensively in radio, having been the host/writer of CBC Radio One’s “Radio Nomad” and CBC Radio Two’s “Skylarking.”

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